Saturday, January 24, 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It has been a busy but fun month. Although I can't believe how fast it really does go. We promised the kids we would take them to the village to see Santa and eat at the new pizza place if they would be good all week. No complaining, no fighting, and some serious cleaning  today.  They did a great job unfortunately  a lot of it is outside and it was pouring all day. We still went and it was really wet but we had a great time. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Avery is 2!!!

My baby turned 2 yesterday, time seems to keep speeding up. She was totally spoiled by everyone that loves her. Drew was so excited to get her a pillow pet, because he got one for his birthday. Pillow pets are not quite as popular as they were apparently because there were none in Heber. He really wanted to pick it out himself and pay for it. Dean took him to Park City and he picked her out a cow. She is quite into animals, especially farm animals right now so it was very thoughtful of him. She loved it and slept with it that night. Some things to remember about Avery at 2:
She loves to be outside playing with the big kids
She loves to ride her little bike and on my bike seat
She is saying so many new words and most of the time we can understand her
She is still allergic to milk, eggs, and peanuts and only weighs 19 lbs
She loves fruit snacks (otherwise known as nacks)she will do about anything for them
She has learned to get out of her crib but doesn't do it all the time
She can get out of any shopping cart strap not matter how tight
She likes to take naps, most of the time
She likes to watch Barney
She loves her brother and does EVERYTHING he does
Dean calls her a wild raccoon because he assumes if you tried to hold raccoon it would be like holding Avery especially while trying to eat
She likes to play with her baby, she puts it in the bath, has it go potty, bushes her teeth, dresses and feeds her, and takes it on walks in the doll's stroller
She loves animals and likes to try to pick up kittys
She loves her daddy if he is around she doesn't really need anyone else
She loves to see babies, some not much smaller then her but she waves at them and wants to pick them up.
We love you Avery Jane and can't imagine life without you!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kindergarten Bound

Drew graduated from preschool today it was bittersweet. He loved preschool he went Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 to 3:30. His teacher was phenomenal she made it so fun for the kids and went above and beyond in everything she did. He was always excited to go especially if he was special friend, having show n tell, going on a field trip, or having a party or celebration. Yesterday was his last day and they got to bring their pillows and blankets and watch Tangled.
Western Day at School

Field Trip to the Fire Station

Today he could not wait until 6:00 when it would be time to go to the graduation/party he couldn't remember what it was for sure. He asked at least once a week to eat dinner at a place, since the answer is always no I told him we could go before the graduation. He said, "because it is my special day." I tried to persuade him to go to a "good" place, that I like. He choose KFC because he went there once in Evanston and thought it was great. He informed me that we have the same thing in Heber and that we could go there so we did.
The graduation was so cute they sang a few songs and then each said a nursery rhyme they had memorized. Drew did awesome he knew all the songs and said his nursery rhyme Little Boy Blue all by himself. Then she had them walk out in little caps and receive their diploma and a portfolio of their work she made for them (She really is awesome). He is growing up so fast and is really excited to go to kindergarten, I am a little sad about it. I kept asking him if he was sad that preschool was over and he would just say no now I can play baseball. When he would ask me when T-ball would start my answer was always when school gets out makes sense.
Miss Andrea

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We took Drew skiing this past winter. We took him to Sundance first, they have a tow rope kids can use for free. He did not want any help at first and was sure he could do it all by himself. Dean was very patient with him and pretty soon he was doing it by himself. We just took turns helping him and holding Avery. She must have enjoyed it because she never complained. After a few hours he had it down. He knew how to stop but chose not to until it was absoultly necessary. He liked to bomb the hill and stop at the bottom no snow plow or turning necessary.
A couple weeks later Dean's family was all going to Beaver for a discount ski night. We took him up there and he did awesome. Dean and I were a little nervous since it would now be riding the lift and coming down a much steaper hill. Stopping and turning were now necessary. We put him a little hour long lesson with Kai. It took him a couple times down and us yelling STOP a lot but he had it down.
The last ski adventure of the season was at Alta Heather and I thought we should take advantage of the ski free after 3. We ditched the little ones with Amy and drove in a snow storm. There was a LOT of powder, for most people that is great. For three little boys that were new to skiing it was rough. Drew had several melt downs and I was sweating most of the time from holding on to him trying to help. By the last run he was getting the hang of the powder and I think it was fun.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Drew is 5

Drew had another extended birthday celebration as always. He is growing up so fast. He was really excited about all his plans friend party and family party. I had to inform him that we weren't going to do the big party with friends this year. We compromised on taking two of his best buds Luke and Isaac to Chucky Cheese. He also got to go to build a bear at gateway and get his new favorite bear Pokey. Grandma and Pops came too then we went to Applebees. If that wasn't enough we went to Evanston for yet another party to celebrate with Grandma and Grandpa and Stacia that all have birthdays in the same week.
Things about Drew at 5:
He is smart and loves learning about new things.
He is fun he always wants to be playing with his friends and family
He loves school
He loves cheese sandwiches and hot dogs
He loves Avery
He is awesome at riding his bike and scooter
He loves to play all sports
His favorite toys are Buzz, Woody, Cars, Motor cycles, Monster Trucks, Super hero's, and Transformers.

We Love you buddy now stop growing up!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween was really fun this year, a little rainy but great. We had three parties on Wednesday. One at the library, Drew's preschool, and a ward carnival. Drew dressed as Snake Eyes, Indiana Jones, and a warm tiger. The Indiana Jones he came up with all on his own about 20 minutes before the ward carnival, he is a funny boy!!
Avery also sported two costumes. She was an adorable witch and a warm cozy butterfly. She wasn't sure about it all at first but she got the hang of getting the candy.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Since my last update way back in April we have had a lot of firsts, and some last, but I will get to those later.We had our first trip to Lagoon for the summer on Dean's birthday. It was our only trip to Lagoon this summer (which is enough) Drew had a great time Dean's sisters and parents came a long so he had PLENTY of people to take him exactly where he wanted to go. I think Puff and the bumper cars were his favorite.
Avery started walking on May 15th. She was 10 months. She was determined to master it. It was a Saturday and we were home all day so she would just try and try and try until about 4:00 she came walking down the hall excited about us cheering her on. Now is running and climbing on EVERYTHING!
A few days later, she FINALLY decided to hold her own bottle.... Stubborn girl, it is all on her terms.
At the end of May we met Drew's cousins at the zoo it was a cool day so lots of the animals were out, sadly though no bears (construction) and no zebras. It was also our only visit to the zoo this year.
Drew started playing soccer in April he LOVES it. I got to be his coach which was fun. He is funny about wearing all the appropiate gear when playing any sport. He can't play anything in the yard or with friends without getting on the jersey, pads, shoes, and socks. He started playing fall soccer again in Sept. again I am the coach. He loves it more now then he did then, if that is possible. I think he has improved since the spring. He struggles being a team player. On Saturday two players on our team were fighting to score and they both fell down and niether scored, it was pretty funny.

Drew played his first season on T-ball much like soccer he was a fan. He was a little disappointed at first that he HAD to hit off the tee because apparently he is above that. He did great. He got to play with two of his buddies Isaac and Tyler. They were the Yankees.
Dean built his first swingset. It was a process.... but the kids LOVE it. And I love that they can go out and play in the backyard and I can watch them from the window. Until recently when Avery learned to climb the ladder but does not know how to get down. The slide goes right into the sand box, it has provided hours of entertainment for Drew and his friends.
Drew feeding the bum lambs in Evanston. He loves going to ranch and "helping" or playing. We didn't make it much this summer, but he did get his first expierence antelope hunting in Sept. He had fun and liked it but was a little concerned about the circle of life. Dean tried to explain, he wants to go again so I guess he is okay with it.
First summer trip to Boise. Celebrated my sister's birthday and got to party for the 4th of July.Avery's First 4th of JulyCOUSINS!